Reference examples – not exaustive at all...


For Spora Banking Software (former Callataÿ & Wouters), translation of the whole clearing software for private and business as well as institutional clients on all levels. Field of expertise: finance, accounting, related IT. Prompts, messages, instructions, order handling, accounting, manuals. French/English into German. Some 1.3 million words in well over 10.000 files. I set up a team of 5 translators (including me) for this project. We built up a TM and a TB with MemoQ Server to handle amends and corrections in the source texts on an ongoing basis. We delivered bilingual and target files as well as updated TM&TB. Amended bilingual files were reimported into the CAT tool for TM updates.


For EORTC, translations of clinical studies from English (mostly) and French into German. Protocols and summaries of phase II and phase III trials. Field of expertise: medical research - cancer treatment. Some 200,000 words.


For Dimensional Fund Advisors, translation of academic financial research articles, philosophy of institutional investing and advisory, lot's of website content. English into German. Fields of expertise: scientific financial research, investing fundamentals, institutional fund marketing. Some 350,000 words.


For Tate&Lyle, en2de translation of the annual reports for 2008 and 2009, about 55,000 words, accounting, chemistry/agrobusiness.


For Novartis, fr2en&de translations; pharmaceutics, marketing. About 15,000 words.

Société Générale

For Société Génerale, fr2de translations of financial IT applications. About 60,000 words.

Standard Chartered

For Standard Chartered Bank, fr&en2fr&de translations of marketing, finance, website content. About 15,000 words. Direct client.


For ABN AMRO, en&fr2de translations of financial performance reporting texts. monthly translations, about 39,000 words.

Eastman Chemical

For Eastman Chemical Company, translation of the annual reports since 2002 until today (in accordance with GAAP). About 80,000 words every year; chemistry, accounting, financial statements.


For Cleanright Ltd., en2fr&de translations of website content: chemistry, environment, marketing. About 7,000 words.


For Ecolotech, en2fr&de translation of technical documentation and marketing material for a detector of sludge level in settling tanks, clarifiers, and digesters (environmental technology, marketing). About 13,000 words.

Banque de Luxembourg

For Banque de Luxembourg, fr&en2de translations of financial markets reports, marketing and sponsorship material. About 12,000 words.


For Konarka Technologies, Inc., en2fr&de translations of data sheets and technical specifications of nano-enabled polymer photovoltaic materials (environmental technology, marketing, legal). About 23,000 words.


For CAAM (Crédit Agricole investment banking): frFR and enGB/US into deDE translations, monthly fund reports, about 90,000 words in 2006: finance, investment banking.

Solar Panels

For Axa (assurance): enGB into deDE project management and translation of the annual reports 2004 and 2005, about 120,000 words, assurance, finance, legal, accounting.

Stock Market

For Oracle, EN-US into DE-DE translation, “Sourcing/Material Requirements Planing”: software/database localisation, recources management.


For Advanced Medical Optics, EN-GB into DE-DE translation, “Business Expense Policy”: medical, internal communication.


For Dexia (investment banking): enGB and frLU into deDE translation of fund prospectus and simplified fund prospectus, about 45,000 words, finance, investment banking, legal.


For BCEE (leading bank in Luxembourg): frLU into deDE translation of the bank’s website, about 55,000 words, banking, finance, marketing.


For ENSER Power Systems, en2de translation of technical documentation of thermal batteries (environmental technology). About 22,000 words.

Deutsche Bank

For Deutsche Bank: enGB into deDE translations, revisions and editing of internal communications texts and activity reports, about 20,000 words, finance, internal communication, banking.

Eastman Kodak

For Eastman Kodak: enUS into deDE project management and translation of the annual report 2005, about 80,000 words, finance, accounting, legal.


For UBS: enGB, enUS and frCH into deDE(CH) translations of different investment banking and banking texts, about 15,000 words, finance, legal, marketing, investment banking.


For ABM AMRO: enGB into deDE project management and translation of a comprehensive study of Liquid European Covered Bonds, about 140,000 words, finance, investment banking, legal.

Colt Telecom

For Colt (telecommunication): enGB into deDE translations and editing of the products catalogue, about 8,000 words, finance, telecommunication, marketing.


For F&C Asset Management Plc., EN-GB into DE-DE translation, “Corporate Brochure”, finance, website content.


For Abbey/Willis Group Holdings Ltd., EN-GB into DE-DE translation, “International Sharesave Plan”: forms, terms and conditions, legal, finance.

For Abbey/Willis Group Holdings Ltd., EN-GB into DE-DE translation, “International Sharesave Plan”: forms, terms and conditions, legal, finance.


For Barclays, EN-US into DE-DE translation, financial marketing web content (HTML, XHTML, XML), about 2400 words.

Goldman Sachs

For Goldman Sachs (New York), copy writing and EN-US into DE-DE translation for a pan-European recruitment brochure, about 5000 words – marketing, advertising, finance.

Fonciere des Regions

For Foncière des Régions, FR-FR into DE-DE revision, IPO text: finance, legal.


For WestAM Compass Fund, EN-GB into DE-DE translation, “Simplified prospectus”: finance/legal.

DAB Bank

For DAB Bank AG, FR-LU into DE-DE translation, “Contrat de Distribution”: finance/legal.

Lehman Brothers

For Leman Brothers, EN-US into DE-DE revision, Global Strategy and Market Outlook articles, finance (in 2009 I translated a lot for Lehman -- and lost quite some money...).


For Allianz (Assurance), translation of the 2004 annual report from English into German; finance, accounting, assurance, abount 50,000 words.

Cisco Systems

For Cisco Systems, translation of error messages, instructions and user guide parts of B2B and supply chain software; about 15000 words, IT, business.


For Barclays, translation of financial marketing web content (HTML, XHTML, XML), marketing, copy writing.

For Barclays, translation of an e-learning accounting course; about 30’000 words, EN(GB) to DE(DE), finance, marketing, accounting, banking.


For UBS Warburg (London, New York), translations of company equity analysis, foreign exchange market wraps, country market summaries, bond market reports, market strategy letters. This was on a daily basis for about three years with a monthly turnaround of roughly 20,000 words – finance, investment banking.

John Deere

For John Deere Bank legal from French to German “Registre de Commerce et de Sociétés” – legal, finance.

Deutsche Bank

For Deutsche Bank (Frankfurt), pioneer translation of “1999 ISDA Credit Derivates Definitions – Master Agreement” (International Swaps And Derivates Association, Inc.). Together with a colleague I translated about 35’000 words – legal, finance.

State Street

For State Street International (New York, Paris), translation of the balance sheet and annual report from French to German, about 45’000 words – accounting, finance.


For Clearstream Banking (Frankfurt, Luxembourg), translation of the manual for the cut over and introduction of the SAP Human Resources System, 40’000 words – marketing, banking.


For Banque Générale du Luxembourg, FR-LU into DE-DE translation of the "Bienvenue sur le site du rapport annuel", investors and customers information introducing text, 700 words, copy writing.


For the Fortis group, FR-LU into DE-DE translation of "Ouverture d’un Business Centre Trèves/Sarrebruck dans le cadre des International Customer Days de Fortis Banque" and a subsequent customer invitation as well of a Callable fund Step-up Note, marketing/copy writing.

For Fortis Luxemburg, FR-LU into DE-DE translation of a folder and different mailings for clients to subscript for assurances: "Assurance prévoyance vieillesse : Une nécessité liée à des avantages fiscaux substantiels", marketing/finance/legal.


For Arcelor (engineering/construction software), FR-FR into DE-DE translation of a unique selling proposition website text, marketing/copy writing.


For StepStone (HR service group) I found the French slogan : "Dépasse ton futur !" (which they unfortunately changed meanwhile..., would correspond to "overtake your future!" or something like that), copy writing.


For Stark Promotions, DE copywriting and brainstorming for a resellers brochure and a tv-spot for "Blue System" (young peaple jeans ware).

For BMW, DE copywriting for an automotive end customer brochure: "BMW 5er — Präsenz durch Dynamik und Freude am Fahren" (1996).


For Laboratoire Garnier, DE master concept and copywriting for a woman’s magazine advertizing: Ambre Solaire.

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