We trust in qualification and standardized procedures

Our translations are provided exclusively by experienced full-time translators with both a university degree in language & linguistic studies and a specialization in our main fields: finance, medical and marketing.

The key elements for a high quality translation include:

1) Project preparation (settlement of early questions, first terminological settings, formats, coordination of translators and proofreaders/editors, deadline, offer, and purchase order)

2) Translation (exclusively by experienced and highly qualified translators into their native language, settlement of upcoming issues, and revision by the related translators)

3) Proofreading and editing (by as well qualified translators)

4) Last checks (by project management with consultation of all related translators and editors)

Consistence and terminology & version management

We use state-of-the-art CAT software (examples include MemoQ™, DéjàVu X2™ and SDL-Studio™, SDL Trados™, SDL Passolo™). It provides assistance for the project management, translation, terminology & version management, and proofreading for delivering consistent translations.

Our quality assurance approach follows the industry standards DIN 2345 and ISO 9001 and goes in part beyond.

All texts are edited, revised, proofread and spell-checked before delivery.